New Media Explores Randsburg, California and Death Valley Mining History

Posted March 26, 2013

I'm always happy to discover authors and filmmakers that continue to produce media about the important history of our western mining districts. Several new works tell the tales of the mining town of Randsburg, CA, and The 20 Mule Teams of Death Valley.

Cindy Nunn explores Randsburg, California with her new book "Randsburg: The Mojave Desert's Liveliest Ghost Town..."
A combination history, photographic journey and travel guide to the historic living ghost town of Randsburg, California, located in the Mojave Desert. See where Billy Bob Thornton made his supporting role debut, learn the real identity of Randsburg's most famous red-light madam, and read about the woman vampire seeking new virgin blood! Read the stories of some of those buried in the Rand District cemetery, who, until now, have been forgotten to history. Learn all the details behind the murder of Emily Davidson, shot dead on Butte Avenue in broad daylight by her husband. Full of photographs, both color and black & white. Purchase directly from the author's website at

Filmmaker and Author Ted Faye creates both a book and film on Death Valley's 20 mule teams
The image of 20 mules hauling a train of wagons was once as popular as the golden arches are today. Everyone knew what it meant. It was the trademark of Pacific Coast Boraxs most famous product, a laundry additive called Twenty Mule Team Borax. The companys advertising was dependent on one important fact: the connection between the Twenty Mule Team and Americas most notorious desert, Death Valley. From 1883 to 1888, teams of mules and wagons hauled borax out of the famed valley on the California-Nevada border. During those years, the teams were not famous; they were just a common means of transportation. After all, it was not the first time 20 mules hauled borax and it was not the longest or the most treacherous path. So what happened? How did this common form of transportation (the big-rig truck of its day) become transformed into an American icon? That is the story of this book.

Ted Fay is a documentary filmmaker whose company, Gold Creek Films, specializes in stories of the West. Ted also develops audio CDs, signage and brochures, helping communities to find and tell their stories.

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