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5 New Mining Towns Added

Posted April 18, 2012

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Summary of Recent Site Updates

Posted April 02, 2012
WMH has had a bunch of miscellaneous changes and updates over the last few months and I wanted to summarize those here.

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What is a Ghost Town? WMH's Town Classifications Explained

Posted April 01, 2012
The definition of a ghost town varies widely in the minds of enthusiasts and across the Internet on ghost town-related web sites. This post brings some clarification to how the term is used here at Western Mining History.

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Images of America: Austin Nevada

Posted November 12, 2011
Arcadia Publishing produces another outstanding publication in its Images of America series, this time with a book about Austin, Nevada.

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4 new mining towns added to the database

Posted November 01, 2011

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FAQ: Why are so many towns missing?

Posted October 08, 2011
I get a lot of inquiries as to why is a certain town not listed in the WMH mining towns section or even why are so many towns missing from a state? I thought I'd clarify the issue in a blog post so please read on.

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Update 24 New Historical Photos

Posted August 15, 2011
I have scanned and uploaded 24 images from postcards and prints I've had lying around for a while.

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Excerpt from the book "The Gold Rush" by Frank Lewis

Posted April 27, 2011
Nathaniel had continued leading his trading party north on the trail along the edge of the mountains. They traded cows and supplies as they went. Everywhere they went, men wanted meat and other supplies. Caleb was beginning to understand the full nature of the gold fields. Nathaniel had convinced Caleb they should charge ten ounces of gold per steer. Caleb had been against it at first, thinking it was too much, but everywhere they traveled, they sold cows and other food at prices beyond what seemed reasonable to charge, just as Lu had predicted. Gold seemed plentiful to some of the hardworking placer miners. Other groups would go together and pool their resources in order to get supplies and then split them up.

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Update - Placer Examination - Principles and Practice

Posted April 01, 2011
I have finished scanning the entire book "Placer Examination - Principles and Practice" - a BLM publication: Placer Examination - Principles and Practice with Glossary of Placers Terms

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6 new mining towns & Facebook fan page

Posted November 17, 2010

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