About The MRDS Mines Database
The Western Mining History database of mines is currently in beta form. The database uses the full USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS) database. More information about this section will be posted soon.

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Mines in the Western United States

All mine locations were obtained from the USGS Mineral Resources Data System. The locations and other information in this database have not been verified for accuracy. It should be assumed that all mines are on private property.

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Latest Mine Updates

Mine Name State Images Date
Centennial Eureka MineUtahx2013-11-11
Logan MineArizonax2013-10-18
Midnight Test MineArizonax2013-10-18
Golden Crown MineArizonax2013-10-18
Radio MineArizonax2013-10-18
Sheldon MineArizonax2013-10-18
Mudhole MineArizonax2013-10-18
Iron King MineArizonax2013-10-18
Gladstone-Mccabe MineArizonax2013-10-18
Lelan-Dividend MineArizonax2013-10-18
Little Jessie MineArizonax2013-10-18
Union MineArizonax2013-10-18
Gold Coin MineArizonax2013-10-17
Golden Eagle MineArizonax2013-10-17
Gold Bullion MineArizonax2013-10-17
Monarch MineArizonax2013-10-17
Bunker MineArizonax2013-10-17
Federal MineArizonax2013-10-17
Golden Idol MineArizonax2013-10-17
Leghorn MineArizonax2013-10-17
Maginnis MineMontanax2013-10-16
Bullwhacker ProspectArizonax2013-10-15
Mammoth MineArizonax2013-10-15
Crosby MineArizonax2013-10-15
Southern Cross MineArizonax2013-10-15
Money Metals MineArizonax2013-10-13
Cowboy MineArizonax2013-10-13
Valeo MineUtahx2013-10-13
Hillside MineArizonax2013-10-13
Comstock and Dexter MineArizonax2013-10-13

Mines by State

Alaska Mines (11,633 Mines)
Arizona Mines (8,824 Mines)
California Mines (31,625 Mines)
Colorado Mines (11,346 Mines)
Idaho Mines (6,703 Mines)
Montana Mines (7,706 Mines)
Nevada Mines (12,378 Mines)
New Mexico Mines (3,790 Mines)
Oregon Mines (7,724 Mines)
South Dakota Mines (1,105 Mines)
Utah Mines (6,060 Mines)
Washington Mines (6,000 Mines)
Wyoming Mines (3,103 Mines)