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Georgetown, Colorado

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Settled: 1859
Status: Active Town
Current Population: 1,088
Peak Population: ~3,000
Elevation: 8512
Primary Mineral: Silver, Gold

In June of 1859, George Griffith discovered gold ore east of Idaho Springs. The settlement of George's Town sprouts up near the discovery and later becomes the town of Georgetown. Georgetown rises to prominence among mining towns after large silver deposits are discovered nearby in 1864. For a time, Georgetown was the worlds leading producer of silver, and a thriving boom town. Later silver booms at Leadville, Colorado, and Virginia City, Nevada, would eclipse Georgetown as a silver producer, but good times would continue until the silver panic of 1893.

The population of Georgetown dwindled after 1893. It was not until the 1950's that the economy of the town began to rebound as tourists started visiting during ski trips to the nearby mountains. Extensive preservation efforts have preserved many of the towns mining era buildings and victorian homes. Today, Georgetown is a popular tourist destination and refuge for people getting away from Colorados front range cities.