Philipsburg, Montana


Philipsburg Details

Status: Active Town

Date Settled: 1866

Current Population: 939

Peak Population: 3,000

Elevation: 5,280 Feet (1,609 meters)

Primary Mineral: Silver

State: Montana

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Philipsburg Description

Philipsburg was named after a prominent mining engineer from the Comstock mining region in Nevada. At the time, Philip Deidesheimer was appointed manager of the James Stuart Mill, which later became known as the Hope Mill. Trying to ease the transportation burden, he built a mill where the flat gulch of Camp Creek narrowed above Flint Creek. The road leading to the mill was to become the main street, Broadway, of Philipsburg. Local residents were so grateful to Philip, they voted to name the town after him.

Philipsburg was officially registered as a town in 1867. The town was growing at such an unbelievable rate that it was reported in an August edition of the Montana Post that Philipsburg was "scarcely thirty days old" but growing at a "rate of one house a day." By December of the same year, Philipsburg had a population of about 1500 people.

Text Courtesy of the Philipsburg Chamber of Commerce

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