Eureka, Nevada


Eureka Details

Status: Active Town

Date Settled: 1864

Current Population: 650

Peak Population: ~9,000

Elevation: 6,500 Feet (1,981 meters)

Primary Mineral: Silver, lead

State: Nevada

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Eureka Description

Although silver was discovered at Eureka in 1864, the city didn't grow much at first due the the difficulty of extracting the silver from the complex ore material. In 1869, the first of many smelters was built in Eureka to treat the complex local ores. The arrival of smelters made large scale mining a reality and Eureka began to grow with its mining industry. Eureka had over 9,000 residents by 1878. Mining began to wane during the 1880's and most mines were shut down by the early 1890's.

Lead became the principle mineral produced at the mines. Mining in the Eureka district yielded a lot of wealth over the years and the area is the second-richest mineral producer in Nevada (behind the Comstock Lode at Virginia City).

Despite being one of the most remote towns in America, Eureka is a charming town with many well preserved 19th century buildings.

Did You Know.......

A mine is a hole in the ground, owned by a liar.
-Mark Twain


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